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Eastercon, part 01

I have collected a load of ZZ9 merchandise to sell.
I have packed stuff to wear.
I've collected together the new PDA, the digital camera, batteries, chargers, plugs ...
I've put several different kinds of wire into the laptop bag, to connect them all together.
I have a pile of club magazines, including one which was manually re-addressed for tobesv and hawkida.
I have a number of copies of the fanzine to dish out.
ursinehenry is sat impatiently on the suitcase in the hall.

Now all I have to do is shut up the laptop and put it in the car.
But there's one more thing I have to do before I lose access to unmetered broadband for a week ...

EDIT: (4pm) It's done. I'm off. See you all there.

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