Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Eastercon, part 07

Pete Young took some photos. Here are eighteen of them.

Someone's b-b-b-been b-b-b-bad.


Look at those! Award-winning, they are!


I don't think that handbag really works, love.

flick and drpete

Knees! and ... other things!

kjersti and missfairchild

All kneel before her -- even the cameraman.


Nuns! Reverse!


A scary guy with a beard, and a photographer.

dougs and peteyoung

Two different reactions to hand-on-buttock contact.

kjersti and lproven

The three basic kinds of fan: the fat one, the cider drinker, and the geek.

jamesb, tobesv and hawkida

Ah, so that's who he's been talking about.

pickledginger and the_magician

Jam sandwich?

pickledginger, the_magician and marypcb

Lilian learns to pout -- before and after ?


What the heck is a dress code anyway?

sbisson, daveon and whotheheckami

To avoid intimacy, cautious fans converse at the minimum safe distance of six yards.

ang_grrr, wag_9393, the_magician, dougs and coalescent

Hey, this is where I kissed you at the last convention, actually.

lilian_edwards and suaveswede

Okay, he has a beard, he has a black t-shirt, he has fanzines ...

But why doesn't Randy have a LiveJournal?

He was scared off by the tourist guide, that's why.


Repeatedly edited for refinement of captions and other stuff.

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