Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Eastercon, part 08

I took some photos, too. Here they are.

This is the photo referred to in part 03.

Liam is checking that the T-shirt's description is accurate.

kjersti and liam

Tobes' liver is evil and must be punished ...

flick, tobesv and hawkida

Low and behold.

marypcb and sbisson

I don't know what he's saying, he wouldn't tell me.

flick, freddietrumper and ursinehenry

He seems pleased about it, though.

flick and ursinehenry

Something small and red and shy. Oh, and Rachel.

daemongirl and a new friend

The three small children Rachel has to look after.

Ivan, Alexi and whotheheckami

Winning TAFF candidate, Randy.

R&y Xers

He's eyeing up her bear. And she has no idea.

anonymousbear, missfairchild and whotheheckami

This is why boys want to join the brownies.


He had a little curl right in the middle of his forehead ...


Sometimes, you just have to sit back with a drink and watch your friends misbehave.


"You counted them?"


"Yes -- twice."


Matching earrings.

flick and drpete

Everyone points to their favourite piece of wall ...


So that's why they call it fandom.

flick. No, not gummitch, goodness me no.

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