Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Fandom Is One.

peteyoung put out a fanzine at Eastercon, which included one of my poems.
I've forborne from posting it here, to avoid usurping his priority.

Now that his fanzine's been out for a week, and everyone who would have got a copy at EasterCon or Corflu will have it, I feel comfortable putting it here.

A suitable tune can be found in this MIDI file.

Fandom Is One

Do any LOCs exist?
Pruning my mailing list,
I'll pub my ish.
Illo for cover sought,
Envelopes, stamps I've bought,
Put in a con report!
I'll pub my ish.

Pratchett, McCaffrey, Shaw,
Ringworld, Foundation, Gor,
Books reign supreme.
Books by the barrowload,
In the spare bedroom stowed,
Paperback overload!
Books reign supreme.

Surfing the night away,
Broadband is here to stay,
On my PC.
Internet hobbyist,
Usenet and mailing list,
I'm a LiveJournalist!
On my PC.

We like to see romance,
Frodo and Sam, perchance?
Subtext abounds.
In our fan-fiction here,
We make the subtext clear.
Bend it like Boromir!
Subtext abounds.

Panels I can't explain,
This year I'm ops again,
Off to a con.
Clothes that defy the norm,
Beer they serve flat and warm,
Where was that booking form?
Off to a con.

Are you a Fanzine Fan?
Do books define the man?
Fandom Is One.
Burning the phosphor green,
Spotting a slashy scene,
Hotel bars I have seen,
Fandom Is One.

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