Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Wheelchair Slalom at Eastercon

I'd forgotten to tell this story.

You all know that I went to Eastercon, the 54th annual UK National SF Convention.
Well, one of the events was a wheelchair slalom, a short assault course to be negotiated in a user-propelled wheelchair.
I have some familiarity with the vehicle, from a pusher standpoint rather than a self-wheeler, but I thought I'd have a go.
I completed the course in 22 seconds, several seconds clear of my closest rival.

I'll say that again.

I was the most accomplished athlete at Eastercon.

I thought, this isn't a realistic test of wheelchair prowess. This is an SF convention after all. Surely a fan would have to do more than just propel himself?
So I picked up by beer (which I'd left on the window sill) and did the course again, carrying the beer.
About 30 seconds.
Then I did it again, carrying the beer and a couple of books.
About 40 seconds.

No-one else came close.

But I still felt insufficiently challenged. What could I do?

This. It took just over five minutes.

Thanks to Johan Anglemark for putting the photos up.

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