Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Post-tun drunken wibble.

Good news: I went to the Tun.
Bad news: It was in two venues.
Good news: One of these is the Cittie of Yorke.
Bad news: The other is the Barley Mow.
Good news: Only one venue next month.
Bad news: It's the Mow.
Good news: This represents consensus.
Bad news: My train service home is partly replaced by a bus.
Good news: At least I didn't miss the last train this time.
Bad news: I'm drunk.
Good news: I can still produce cogent, themed LJ posts.
Bad news: No broadband on the train.
Good news: PDA has GPRS.
Bad news: They charge by the byte.
Good news: Yahoo! Messenger is low-bandwidth.
Bad news: It won't run on the PDA.
Good news: MSN Messenger does.
Bad news: The smileys are hopeless.
Good news: I don't care.
Bad news: She's offline.
Good news: She'll go on-line when she reads this.

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