Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Quotes from Eastercon

I was just tidying up on the PDA and found these quotes from Eastercon:

Simo: "Academic circles are full of squares"

dougs: "I had a page waiting to submit."
freddietrumper: "Was that a fetish wedding?"

Julian: "Type IV vampires are the result of strange quantum wibble."

dougs: "Put it in from the spine side. It'll go in more easily."

Giulia: "The Alice Lawson patented dirty look"

jamesb: "Are you alright there, Tobes? Your ear alright?"
tobesv: "What?"

dougs: "They're very difficult to do properly."
freddietrumper: "Mmmm. Like a trombone in three dimensions."

Meike: "How old are they? Are they the same ones as when Jim was doing it?"

adela_terrell: "I had sex with one of them -- after that the others were afraid."

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