Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Broads Week, post 00

I'm running around madly picking stuff up and putting it down again, without actually achieving much.
This is because I'm totally disorganised and have left it until two hours before I leave to go on holiday before I pack.

I'm going to Norfolk to spend a week boating around in muck mucking around in a boat.
Me, my mother, and her boyfriend.
I said in a chat session recently (no, not to her, this was with Flick) that all three of us are deaf, so it should be entertaining.
"left a bit" - "what?" - "left a bit" - "what?" - "left a bit" - "what?" - *crunch*

Because I'm away from broadband and on GPRS instead, because I'm going to a rural area with probable poor reception, because I'm leaving the laptop at home and sticking with a pocket PC, my presence on LJ and the mailing lists will be severely curtailed. I'll post little bits of news, but I probably won't be reading or commenting much.

Any normal person would just go off-line for a week.
But then when was I ever normal?

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