Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Broads Week, Post 08

Monday morning, I woke up surprisingly early -- earlier than Mother or her boyfriend, which is unusual, and so it was me who put the kettle on. A leisurely breakfast, and then chug-chug-chug along the abomination which is the lower Bure, alongside all that horrible mud. We arrived at Yarmouth without incident and went under the first two bridges.
We turned right at the yellow post, hammered upstream (and uptide) across Breydon at full throttle and about 3mph, and arrived at Berney Arms ready for lunch.
It was shut.
After lunch, we unmoored and set off, under slight hail. As the weather deteriorated, I sent the lovers below decks and continued alone in the cockpit. Eventually, I was piloting the boat in driving rain, and once I'd passed the swing bridge at Reedham, I thought "stuff this" and moored for the night. It was almost four o'clock.

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