Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Broads Week, Post 11

We left the Ship Inn without incident (save the knee in the previous post) and proceeded upstream as far as the ferry, a chain-driven affair big enough for two cars. We waited long enough to watch it go backwards and forwards once, then turned downstream once more.
Back under Reedham swing bridge with the intention to go down the New Cut towards Somerleyton and look at another swing bridge, further down on the same bit of rail, but when we reached the mouth of the Cut, the River Inspector's launch blocked our way, and she told us that the New Cut was closed. Accordingly we travelled downriver to the Berney Arms and then up the other river, doing in two hours what the Cut would give us in 20 minutes.
Somerleyton Swing Brige for elevenses, vainly hoping that we can watch the bridge opening at some point.
My knee hurts.

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