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Broads Week, Post 13

Odd that this post should fall under this number. I never believed that this number was unlucky in any way.

PDA in the river

So my right knee is temporarily totally toasted, instead of the usual background dysfunction. It will only take any weight at all if it's completely straight, and then only for a second or two. It won't bend more than about 15 degrees unless I ease it into the bend very very gently (much with the white-faced sweating), and then it won't straighten.
We've been in the Bridge Inn at Acle for a cooked breakfast, during which I've gone online with the PDA for the weather at and because my trouser pockets are inaccessible due to a) mobility issues in the knee department and b) the fact that I'm sat behind a table, I've then put it into my shirt's breast pocket. After breakfast, we return to the boat, which is moored outside the pub, tied to little iron rings bolted to the wooden piling on the edge of the bank. I would normally squat on my heels to undo the rope, but because of my temporarily unbending knee, I fold forward from the waist -- and the PDA launches itself out of my pocket into the Cruel Bure, and settles gently into the deep soft mud a few feet below the surface.
FSA. That's me offline for the rest of the week, then.
I happen to know that flick can contact scarlatti by email and chat, and I have flick's mobile number, so I send her a brief text message asking her to tell scarlatti what's going on. flick reinforces her reputation as EBFH by laughing at me in her reply and telling the world in her LJ, and now between the two of them they've assembled an orderly queue (Mel and the girls) to give me a slap. Hmph. You're such a comfort.
I phoned O2 customer services who put me through to O2 insurance. I phoned Acle police. I phoned Ralph's Stores in Horning. I phoned O2 insurance again. And 24 hours later they delivered a replacement to Ralph's, which I picked up that evening. Well done everybody. There will be an insurance excess on the next bill, I'll have to buy a new second battery and new SD card (neither of which are insured), I'll have to upload a bunch of settings to the handset once more, I'll have to restore from Saturday's backup. But all the years I've been paying insurance have been rewarded in one hit. Hurrah!
Now I have to type in the last two days from (ugh) handwritten notes.

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