Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Broads Week, Post 17

After overnighting at Hickling, we wonder what to do with our morning. The tide at Potter Heigham bridge only goes up and down about four inches, but for us those four inches are crucial, and we're not going to attempt to pass under the old bridge until 2pm, low tide. I take the boat back down to meet the river at Martham, and turn left instead, to pass over Martham Broad to West Somerton.
The water all over this river system is muddied and opaque. But upstream of Martham, where there's hardly any traffic and hardly any current, it's perfectly clear. Beautifully clear. The plant life is all still-water plants, including marestails and lillies, stunningly picturesque.
West Somerton is the limit of navigation, just enough space to turn the boat round. The village shop is only open Monday and Thursday mornings, from 9 till 1 -- but we ignore this happy coincidence and scorn the shop because we'd shopped at Potter Heigham the preceding day.
We're back at Potter for Lunch, and carry on downriver to meet the Bure, and then head upstream and, following a brief turn around South Walsham Broad, we arrive at Horning.
My replacement XDA is waiting at Ralph's Stores. Hurrah!
A brief stroll around the village, and then to the Swan Inn for dinner. Uninspiring but tasty.

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