Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Broads Week, post 19

Friday is spent travelling up the river Ant and back.
The Ant is another fairly narrow, tree-lined river -- and it meanders a lot. A lot. It's called the Ant because it crawls all over the place.
Ludham Bridge is much larger than it looks, especially for someone who's been under Potter. It's not huge, and it's just after a blind corner so you can't see if there's any traffic coming towards you, but we didn't meet anyone.
How Hill is a large estate on the right as you travel upstream. The How Hill Trust is keen on restoring wind pumps, and there are two excellent examples of small wooden pumps immediately adjacent to the river. There were photos.
Barton Broad is a beautiful piece of water, and there were hundreds of small birds -- swifts? swallows? -- catching insects just inches above the surface. There were the usual mallards, ruddy ducks, grebes, herons, fulmars ... and a surprising community of crested ducks!
Stalham was dull and crowded, Sutton was charming and (unusually) deserted. We walked up to the church, past Bush House, Sutton Hall and the Mill, and then back to the staithe. Lunch, surrounded by progressively less entertaining ducks. And then back down the Ant and up the Bure, returning to Horning. This time we moored outside the New Inn, a hundred yards or so downstream from the Swan.
Fish and Chips for dinner.

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