Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Broads Week, Post 20

Up early on Saturday, because this is the day we have to return the boat. Wroxham is about an hour upstream from Horning. I wake up and pack, drink a cup of coffee, and then set off upriver while Mother and the Boyfriend sort out the boat. We pass the alleged site of George Formby's house (see LJ passim) and head upriver. We dip into Salhouse and Wroxham broads to make a change from the river, and eventually arrive back at the yard, about a quarter past eight. I make as if to moor in the same place we found the boat last saturday when a cry of "Boyur!" from the car park reveals itself to be from Matthew Thwaite, one of the three people in charge of the yard. "Not there, here" he says.
The yard is more crowded than it was last weekend, because we're just on the edge of busy season. I manouever the boat into the space with my usual skill -- Matthew comments knowledgeably "Yes, I never say where it'll end up till I get there either" -- and we tie up.
We load back into the car, I go to the office and complete the paperwork, and we set off back home.
Back in a couple of years, I hope.

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