Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Broads Week, Post 21

And back to the Boyfriend's house in Reading, delivering them at about 2:30pm. He's looking forward to the cup final. She's not, but she'll put up with it for him.
I said goodbye with indecent haste.

It's been a strange week.
Last time May 17th fell on a Saturday, six years ago, it was also cup-final day. Six years ago, on Saturday 17th May, I was preparing to go to the Broads, rather than coming back from them. At 2:30 on May 17th 1997, I was busy getting married. I was about to start a honeymoon -- four days on a boat, followed by an SF convention.
Today, six years on, things are strangely different. I thought today would be difficult. I thought I'd find it hard to cope. I thought I'd feel cheated, I thought I'd be dwelling darkly on the events of the September before last. I thought I'd be coming down from the holiday under some sort of cloud.
It wasn't like that at all.
I came home, fired up the laptop, logged into Y!Messenger, and was the very opposite of depressed. There is the enchanting suspicion that, once again, I'm at the start of something special.

What they say in France. The more it changes, the samer it gets.

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