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Douglas Spencer

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Project S, Step 01

I had a conversation with Boss B this morning.

I said "I really need to talk to you. Well, you and A."
B said "It sounds bad. What is it?"
"I've run out of holiday."
"Yeeees ... ?"
"And I've been invited to the States."
"So I want to negotiate some unpaid leave. In November."
"How much?"
"About two weeks."
"Two weeks?"
"Something like that. The second half of November."
"Well, I can't say just like that."
"I know. I need to talk to A as well. I'm just saying that, well, that I needed to talk to the two of you about it."
"Right. You've said. Now we know."

Hmmmm ... I wonder what that means?

There will be a conversation with Boss A when he's back in circulation.

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