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Further to that cryptic post.

Yesterday afternoon, I wrote:
> Tonight will be odd.
> That is all.
> Not the sort of thing I'm practiced in.
> More later.

I was negotiating with someone about something.
Anyone sufficiently widely-read should be able to guess who. Anyone sufficiently widely-read should be able to guess what.
Some people who've been watching this sector of the industry may be surprised. I'll bet some won't.

And one of the things we didn't talk about last night is whether we can announce. We haven't thought about marketing at all.

It's a long time since I've done any routing on this particular type of hardware.
The packet handling and intrusion detection algorithms are quite different to anything I've done recently.
It's the first time I've been involved in a setup where collision detection was such an issue.
On both sides of the link, there's a network, and in each case it carries quite a lot of traffic.
I don't think we can afford any unscheduled downtime.
And I'm totally unfamiliar with the protocol we're using (two equal peers).

But we think it'll work.

It's odd, also, because I'm unused to handling these negotiations myself.
Previously someone else has done the admin, I've been free to stick to the technical side.

Now I've got to go and talk to my people, my opposite number has to do the same.
There's quite a bit of admin to do before I can cut any code, but I've started on the analysis already.
And realistically, I can't expect to get my hands on the target platform until it's almost time to go live.

Watch this space.

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