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Filters, and membership thereof.

I don't make filtered posts very often. Come to that, I don't often make friends-locked posts at all. But when I do, I try to get the filter right.
Twice recently, following a filtered post, someone inside the filter has asked me to look once more at who's in, who's out. Two different someones, two different posts. Two different filters, come to that.

Standing instructions to all my readers: If ever you find yourself inside a filter and feel uncomfortable about it, let me know and I'll change the filter. If ever you find yourself inside a filter and think someone else should be inside the filter when they're not, let me know and I'll think about it. If you think that someone else is inside a filter by mistake, by all means tell me about it -- but I haven't made such a mistake yet, as far as I know. If I'm including someone in a filter it's because I think they're entitled to read what I've written, that I want them to read it, that I think they can cope.
And thanks, always, to the people who say "there's a public post up there which I think was meant to be filtered".

Please note that this post is public, and everyone can see your replies.
This has been a public service announcement -- now back to our usual programming.

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