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One Year On

Well, I signed up for LiveJournal in May 2002, made my first post in June 2002. That makes my LJ a year old about now.

I think that it's traditional, at this stage, to make a post comparing and contrasting how things were and are, then and now.

I joined LiveJournal as a deliberate attempt to re-integrate myself with SF fandom, from which I'd withdrawn following the loss of Anne eight or nine months earlier. It's been a fundamental part of that re-integration.

Regular readers will know, will recognise, the progress that I've made over the last year. I'm writing again. I'm social again. I'm meeting people again. That wouldn't have happened without LJ.

And LJ has been instrumental in giving me something else. Something to feel good about. Someone to feel good about. And she, too, has been a fundamental part of putting my grief to bed and looking at the future with new eyes.

Am I pleased that I joined LJ? Yes, I am. I'm pleased.
Am I pleased that I'm moving on? Yes, I am. I'm pleased.
I don't want to leave the past behind. The past is valuable -- it defines who we are, it teaches us about the future. But it shouldn't have a hold over us. Not long-term, at least. One day, we have to move on.
I've gained a reputation for advising people to talk about their problems. I've gained a reputation for talking about mine. I know it doesn't work for everyone -- but loquacious introspection, compulsive honesty, living without masks, is paying more and better dividends than I ever thought possible. It works for me.
Am I pleased with how things have gone over the last year? Yes, I am. I think I can afford to be pleased -- to be very very pleased indeed.

Oh, and GIP. This is me smiling. It was taken at New Year.

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