Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

DrunCon Photos

There was a party hosted by Max and Tobes a week ago. These are the photos.

It's a hard life being a researcher.
Red Dwarf fandom split. Bottle? Glass? You decide.
Today I shall mostly be wearing ... the blue.
It's easy. Here, let me give you a hand.
Spot the difference.
See, Tobes, the axe goes here.
Fannish Yoga -- position one.
Geekwatch: The Cider-drinking computer geek.
She never offered to give me a hand.
Today I shall mostly be wearing ... the corset.
I know yours is longer. But mine is blacker.
Truff truff truff ... Plushie!
Fannish Yoga -- position two.
Mmmmm ... Mackeson.
I thought you said she was tall?
Truff truff truff ... Plushie!
No, I can't remember why I took this photo either.
Get down! ... But I like it up here!
Geekwatch: The Cider-drinking SF geek.
Fannish Yoga -- position three.
Erm ... caption competition?
We stack them in the shed to sober up ... but there are always some who escape.

EDIT: I've been told off because I'm not in the photos. I am now.
There's an index, to match names to faces.

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