Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Interview meme, the next generation

trav28 interviewed me.

1) Fandom - how did you first discover it?
I went to Warwick University in 1984 and discovered a flyer for membership of ZZ9 on a bench in a corridor between Physics and Computer Science. I'd been reading HHG fairly recently, and had previously seen it on the telly. I thought "Yeah, why not" -- it wasn't expensive -- and signed up. I'm member number 1122. I sort of hung round the edges of UW SF+F society without really joining in -- they looked like all they did was gaming. I bought a house in 1988 and was living in it on my own and feeling sort of lonely, and I decided to go to a convention. I picked up my recent MH (the ZZ9 magazine) and looked at what was coming up -- and there was a con that weekend. The following night. So I got into my car and drove to the other side of London and bought a membership on-the-door for Eroticon Six. Yes. Eroticon Six was my first convention, and was simultaneously the best and worst first convention for a rather withdrawn bottom. But it was a lot of fun, and despite my shyness, I joined in some things, and some people talked to me, and I discovered that there were in fact rather a lot of shy geeky bottoms in fandom. And I bought a membership for "Inconsequential", a convention the following May. I got home. And there was a message on the machine from Anne asking why I hadn't been at Church on Sunday. And I phoned her up, and told her that I was sorry, but I wouldn't be able to take her out for her birthday the following May because I'd be in Derby. At a convention. And of course, she came to Derby too, and then we went to another con, and ...

2) The beard - do you ever feel like getting rid of it or is it here to stay?
It's going. I'm getting my head shaved at TCASU at the end of October -- and I can't believe they'll stop at just the hair on top of my head. I can't believe they'll stop at my neck, frankly -- but we'll see. I never feel like getting rid of it. And after that, it's coming back. Although scarlatti is not the big fan of huge shaggy beards, and we've agreed that after TCASU she can have authority about how short it is. She'd prefer it about the length that it is in the default user picture, rather than the way it is now. And I always do what I'm told.

3) Fetishes - do you have any? If so, what are they?
Good heavens. Yes. I've written about these stupid switches inside my head before -- which can turn me on at odd times, to my total surprise, and can turn me off just as effectively, to my intense frustration. What are they? I'm a bottom: I like people who take charge, who have a strong feeling for what they want to do, who are assertive. I'm a fan of contortionists, people who can bend their body in ways which the general population can't. I like blokes who look and act dark and dangerous. I liked Avon in Blakes Seven. I like girls who carry a bit of padding. I wanted Anne Diamond to win Celebrity Big Brother. On girls, I love that patch of skin at the back below the ribcage and above the waistband, I love how it looks, I love how it feels. I'm totally addicted to cunnilingus, and I prefer Hollywood to Brazil. Visually, I think that someone tied up looks totally gorgeous. And when I'm tied up it feels like I'm being hugged all the time, and I can just drift and dream and it's wonderful. I like blindfolds, I like navigating around someone's body by smell and touch. With any luck most of that will be buried in the middle of a large block of text that most of the readers will skim straight past.

4) If you had to live in America, what would be the 5 things you would miss the most about the UK?
My friends, as found in my local church, London fandom and the convention circuit, and English Freemasonry. Each of these three things will have local equivalents, of course -- but they'd be different people. And I'd miss my family too, even if I don't see them very often at the moment. So that's four things, none of which are actually "things". What else would I miss? London itself. I love London, I think it's great. It would be very hard knowing I'd never be in London again. So that's five. Was that cheating?

5) Poly - can it work or is it about having your cake and eating, so to speak?
I've asked two people in this meme whether they're poly or greedy. I'm looking hard at this question, and I don't have answers yet. There are fully functional, happy, well-adjusted poly groups out there -- I know there are. It's more a matter of whether it can work in a particular situation. And I don't know. Yet. Ask me again in a year's time.

Quoting previous players in this meme:
If you want me to interview you, post a comment that simply says, "Interview me." I'll respond with questions for you to take back to your own journal and answer as a post. Of course, they'll be different for each person since this is an interview and not a general survey. At the bottom of your post, after answering the Interviewer's questions, you ask if anyone wants to be interviewed. So it becomes your turn-- in the comments, you ask them any questions you have for them to take back to their journals and answer. And so it becomes the circle.

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