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Misery loves company.

Not a good night (see previous post) is being followed by not a good day.

Scrolling up and down my friends list and quoting at random:
"exampleusername is no longer my boyfriend, just some git"
"Too many people I know have died recently."
"I am so beyond exhausted [...] I haven't had enough sleep three nights running"
"5 weeks now. we don't even undress in front of each other anymore"
"I haven't cried so badly in so fucking long."
"Remember this? Well, I really don't, now. No fiancée. no girlfriend, nothing."

And in the middle of that somewhere was my most recent post. There were others, but they've fallen off the bottom of the page and into "?skip=50" territory.

And I've just read someone else saying "I think it's matching my mood, since my friends list is looking a little bleak at the moment."

Should I be grateful it isn't just me?

I'm going out tonight. I think I need to. I hope I'm better company than I feel.

EDIT to add apologies that I'm not commenting anywhere at the moment -- I can't seem to lay my hands on any wit and wisdom. Don't be fooled because I'm not commenting -- I still love you all just as much, I just don't have the words to say so just now.

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