Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Brighton Slouch -- Photos

I'm really not in the mood to write up the Brighton Slouch at the moment.
But there are pictures ...

A picture of all of us -- Left to right, there was Stef, Sally, Robert R, Richard, Elvis (concealed), Hazel, Poppy, Ian (partially concealed), Robert N, Jerry, and Jonny5. I'm behind the camera, Jackie arrived later.

You call that a shirt? this is a shirt -- Stef and Elvis exchange notes on tailors to avoid.

The Chin competition -- this year closely contested between Richard and Jonny5.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? -- Poppy and Ian doing ... what Poppy and Ian do.

I saw this -- and I'm saying nothing.

Brighton's new wave -- the south's answer to the Chuckle brothers.

Stef -- collecting entries for the Slouch poetry competition.

The photographer -- who was told off last time for not including any pictures of himself.

In a pub again -- Jerry, Jonny5, Hazel and Robert N at the back, Jackie, Richard (concealed) and Stef at the front, Sally and Robert R on the right.

I'm saying nothing -- you write what you want. Jerry and me.

No publicity! -- Local celebrity Sally wary of being spotted with a former resident of Brentford.

What are those people looking at? -- Richard, Jackie, Stef and Elvis stare in horrified fascination at ...

Robert Wars -- Rankin and Newman, with a secretly amused Poppy in the background.

Poppy is hddod, Ian is redbrown, and Jerry is lushattic. I don't think anyone else is on LJ.

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