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Poetry about poetry

Well, there was a thread in someone's LJ, and there were haiku involved.
Someone else said that a sonnet might be in order.

That's a dangerous thing to say when I'm reading. This is my contribution, copied here from that thread.

A sonnet about haiku

When haiku work their way inside your head,
And interrupt you as you ply your trade,
And force your mind to poetry instead
With syllables in seventeens arrayed,

When haiku try to call you at your work,
Distracting you from what you're paid to do,
And beckon from the corners where they lurk,
Where syllables in seventeens shine through,

Do not submit! just cast them from your brain!
Refuse their quirky oriental charm!
Reclaim your western heritage again,
Defend your rich traditions, safe from harm!

When haiku-writing leaves you in disgrace,
Then try to write a sonnet in their place.

I've not linked to the original thread, because it's a friends-only post -- if you can read it, you'll have read it by now.

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