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Last night ...

Last night I went out for a Curry And A Talk with a friend.
I was sort-of her agony uncle, she was sort-of my agony aunt.

There was lots of talking, about all sorts of stuff.

I have bits of relationship history behind me which I'd sooner forget, and which go towards making me the sort of person I am. I've had a wonderful relationship which came to an abrupt end. I'm having a burgeoning on-line relationship with a wonderfully exciting girl on the far side of the Atlantic and I can't keep the stupid grin off my face when I talk about it. I really really want to meet my on-line friend and work on taking it further in real life.

And she ... well, there was a lot of common ground, a lot of shared experience, a lot of "Umm, yes, I know what that's like". There was stuff said, by both of us, which really doesn't want retelling here in the open.

If I'd not been driving, I think we'd both have had a lot to drink.

And then I took her home.

My advice to all my readers: It's good to talk.

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