Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Robert Rankin comes to Reading

This nugget comes originally from Lori Jolly-winolj, via Dave Langford-winolj, via Robert Newman-winolj, to me.

Robert Rankin is coming to Waterstones Bookshop in Reading, England, to talk about the witches of Chiswick, on the evening of August 19th.

Lori writes as follows:

Please don't consider this spam -- your address was passed on to me by the kind editor of the Ansible fanzine, David Langford. My name's Lori Jolly, and I run the speculative fiction section in the Broad Street branch of Waterstone's in Reading. David mentioned your names because you're apparently major fans with fan-club contacts, so here goes:

We're having a Robert Rankin event at our shop at 7p.m. on Tuesday 19th August, 2003. He'll be speaking about The Witches of Chiswick and doing autographs; there will be light refreshments (wine & nibbles). Tickets are £3 and can be redeemed against the purchase of the book on the night. People who are unable to attend can secure a signed book for the regular price by ringing ahead.

The shop address is 89a Broad Street, Reading Berks RG1 2AP. The phone number is 0118 9581270. Feel free to ask for me if you've any questions; I would be delighted to contact any fan-clubs etc. that you're aware of with information/flyers as well.

Thank you very much!

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