Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

SWCP week: section 1

"SWCP" refers to the South West Coast Path, a path which leads for 500 miles from Minehead to Poole.
Today we walked from Minehead to Porlock Weir, a small matter of just over eight miles, call it 13Km in the funny money. Not far.
But life is never this easy. (Firstly) a cock-up on the public transport front means we don't actually start walking until 2pm, having arrived at the start just in time for lunch. (Secondly) because it's the coast path, the first thing we have to do is climb this huge hill just inland from the start, so that the first mile takes about an hour. We make good progress for the next four or five miles along the tops, but then (thirdly) we have a difficult and dangerous descent down a steep valley lined with loose, sharp rocks, to begin the final phase of today's walk, three miles along a beach of shifting pebbles, which are hard work at the best of times. We make about three quarters of this distance to discover (fourthly) the place at which the sea has breached the pebble bank and it forces us to retrace a half-mile and then follow a long detour, taking a different route into our destination.
Couple this with the fact that this is the first time I've offered my knee any punishment since I crunched it eight weeks ago. It's complaining, but it's performed surprisingly well.

It's been a good day.

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