Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


Sometimes these poems keep you awake until you've written them.
The identities of the two people in this poem shouldn't be hard to guess.

In a state called Old Dominion
There's a girl who stole his heart,
And he'd gladly be her minion,
If she'd only play her part.
And despite the wide Atlantic,
And despite the aircraft fare,
She can't help but drive him frantic
With his longing to be there.

In a Kingdom called United,
Where was born her mother tongue,
Stands a man who's so excited
By a love that's newly young.
And despite the stupid distance,
And despite the heartless facts,
He will overcome resistance
For the girl that he attracts.

An American is longing,
And a British guy is too:
Though the obstacles are thronging,
They are sure to see it through,
And despite that stupid ocean,
And despite their other trials,
They will test their strong emotion
And they hope it ends in smiles.

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