Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

SWCP: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

You recall that on Monday, we came off the hill early because we were finding it too much like hard work, that I'd got Dave's cold.
On Tuesday, we didn't walk. I spent a good slice of the afternoon asleep.
On Wednesday, I was rather better. But neither of us fancied going back to Contisbury Hill -- the hill between the county gate and Lynton -- so instead we chose the rather flatter route between Barnstaple and Instow, which follows the course of a dismantled railway and is much much easier. It also made for some nice easy ground in which to wear my new boots, which I got on Sunday. Arriving at Instow, we took a boat across the estuary to Appledore and wandered up the hill back to Mother's house, where we sorted ourselves out, and then went over to Richard's house (he's my brother) for an infeasibly vast and decadent Chinese takeaway, coupled with a chance to talk old toot at great length.

Oh, and part of that old toot -- apparently Richard's favourite pairing would be Radar and Winchester. I'll bear that in mind.

Today, Mother has the cold. She's surviving it better than me -- but then, she always does. No walking today. We hope she's better tomorrow -- we might be going out on Richard's boat. Should be good.

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