Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

SWCP: Friday

Friday was an easy morning, pottering about mother's house and sorting stuff out. After lunch, we went down to Appledore Quay, to meet my eldest brother Richard and spend the afternoon mucking around on his boat. We left the quay at about two, and headed upstream towards Bideford. We passed under the new bridge (a former Concrete Society Bridge Of The Year) and then up to, and through, the old original Long Bridge. Proceeding further upstream, past the old railway bridge at Landcross, we got almost as far as Weare Giffard. We has bread and cheese and wine and biscuts and coffee and all the associated delicious decadence. And then we turned round and returned to the quay, where we dropped Mother off.
Richard and I headed downstream towards the mouth of the estuary. There was a reasonable swell, and the boat was an entertainment to handle, We were overtaken by the Kathleen & May (our local three-masted tall ship), and by Norman (Tamsin's father) in his yacht. We got out past the Pulley Ridge and from there about a third of the way to The Bar before turning back.

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