Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

SWCP: Saturday

Mother's rather better, but we still didn't fancy that big hill. Instead, having walked from Barnstaple to Instow the other day, we were planning on doing the next flat bit, from Instow to Appledore. Except that the ferry to Instow only runs at high tides, which would leave us with a very late start -- so we did it backwards.
We left Mum's house, walked down the hill to the quay, and joined the coast path in the reverse direction, walking south to Bideford, crossing the Long Bridge and joining the course of the dismantled railway once more. After that the ground was easy, and we arrived at Instow in time for Lunch. The barman and I had a brief HHG-related conversation after he commented on my T-shirt ("Vogons", new this year, get them while they're hot) and since we were still too early for the ferry we got the bus back to Mother's.

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