Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

LJ Friends meme

5 LJ users you've known, in person or online, the longest:
Well, my first fandom was Hitch-Hiker's, so the ones I've known longest are the older ZZ9ers:
And suddenly I've reached five before I can mention slightly younger people like flick and adela_terrell and adelheid, or people who don't use their LJs much, like the fishlifters, or at all, like nolley/collyer, or have deleted their LJ, like ajshepherd, or who never had one, like Lord Newman of Croydon.
There's thirteen people, at least, I might claim to have known equally-longest.

4 LJ users you talk to online:
Then there's a whole bunch of people who might claim fourth place, of whom the most recent is the_maenad.

3 LJ users you've talked to on the phone:
And probably loads of others.

2 LJ users you adore:
Other people have grumbled about two being too restrictive, but I think that "adore" is quite a specific term. Two is plenty.
One of these two rather likes it, and the other finds it a bit unnerving. Apologies, it's nothing I can help.

1 LJ user you wished you talked to more:
Oh, goodness. More than one. And I think they know who they are.

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