Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Audiology, and what I did there

So I went to the Audiology outpatients clinic at Wexham Park Hospital this afternoon.
They sat me in a little room with headphones on, gave me a little button and told me to press it when I heard the tone.
I did as I was told. Some of the tones were very quiet, and they varied in pitch, but when I heard one, I pressed the button. The test was repeated with speakers pressed against my skull instead of my ears.
The test is flawed. The tones all last the same amount of time, and are equally spaced. So you know when one is playing, even when you can't hear it. I'm naturally suggestible, anxious to please those in authority, particularly in an institutional setting, so I don't know if at any point I pressed the little button when I knew a tone was playing although I couldn't hear it. Never mind.
Then I went, with my chart of dB levels, for a chat with the consultant. He said that, while I had some hearing loss, it wasn't huge. There was a general conversation about my health. He looked into various of the holes in my head. He pressed vibrating tuning forks against my skull. He talked to me while he was peering into my ear and therefore had his lips out of sight. And he had an accent of some sort -- central European, I suspect. And his assistant, with whom I was discussed, was always behind me.
And now I have some excercises to do -- the "Valsalva Maneuver", spelt thus (google is your friend) -- and some stuff to squirt up my nose in an effort to clear my eustachian tube (google is your friend). They want me back in three months, the 23rd October, but I'll be in Dublin on my way to TCASU so I'm booked in on the 30th. If there's no improvement at that stage, they'll start studying hearing aids with me.

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