Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Brief catchy-uppy post.

Friday was ... erm ... fun. Tunnelling RDP through NAT using SSH because tunnelling PPTP or L2TP through NAT using SSH wouldn't work. Finished about 7pm and was knackered so didn't pop in to swisstone and ladymoonray after all, despite the client being in Tonbridge. Followed by two hours on the M25. Lovely.

As a result, I'm 24 hours behind on LJ (which would involve hitting "previous 50 entries" about eight times on my Friends list -- hurrah for filters) and I'm not going to get to read it very closely before heading to London this morning.

And how did we manage to do this not once but twice? Today, ZZ9's Beeblebears Picnic (St James's Park) clashes with Pride (Victoria Embankment to Hyde Park) -- and in late August, flick's birthday weekend and picnic (Hampstead Heath) is going to clash with BiCon (UEL) (not that I've been to a BiCon yet).
Thank goodness all ZZ9ers and all of Flick's friends are straight, that's what I say.

Oh, and in another move which will surprise no-one, I'm pleased that *spoiler removed* won BBUK4. If I was a betting man, I'd be rich now. But then I'd have been poor all the rest of the time.

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