Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Life as an engineer

Today I'm at fattyc's place of work, as I was yesterday and for three-quarters of the day before that.
Overnight last night the air conditioning in the server room failed and loads of servers shut themselves down, so this morning we were all in there bringing stuff up. fattyc was playing with Cisco stuff, other people were playing with Netware and OS/400 and MS, and they said to me "Do you know anything about Unix?"
So today, I've been nursing some very rusty AIX stuff out of the far, dark recesses of my brain.
I've spent the last six or seven years playing with Linux, and the five or so before that playing with SunOS and then Solaris. But I have used AIX once or twice in the interim. And now, it's one occasion more than it was yesterday. I'm not particularly grateful for the extra experience.

In other news, fattyc has now stopped making fun of my weight, and is instead making fun of my deafness.

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