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Thanks to friends at the Tun, and a mini-update

Last night I went to the pub meeting for London SF fans, variously called the Tun or the Ton (post-decimalisation, the Tonne).
Lots of people expressed their concern for scarlatti, said they wished her well, asked me if I was coping, enquired after Greg as well.

Thanks to all of you, it means a lot. Thanks also for the support I'm getting elsewhere.

In other news, I don't like the way that I react to worry and stress and lack-of-information and helplessness. It shreds my system, stops me functioning normally. But after the conversation I had with her as I was leaving work yesterday, I felt a lot better -- and so in the noodle bar next door to the Tun I had the first proper meal I've had since the weekend. This is (at last) a good thing.

Still no proper diagnosis though, still no chance to talk to an on-site biogeek.

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