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Hahahahahahahaaaa ... ahem.

We have a client, a new startup.
We supplied them with an application server (which also firewalls) and a file server.

They rely heavily on shared calendars, shared contacts lists, and loads of email. And in their previous lives all of the users used MS Exchange.

The powers that be decreed a Linux solution -- calendar, contacts and email on an IMAP server, workstations using Outlook. The system was rolled out, the workstations were set up, and (most importantly) the Boss's XDA was configured to replicate calendar and contacts with this system, and to get his email using IMAP.

The system went live -- and it was horrible. The users didn't like it, it was slow -- and after a week's runtime it corrupted the indexes in its database.

So on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, I was moving them over to Exchange. All well and good.
Of course, I also reconfigured the Boss's XDA to talk to the new server instead. And it worked, it worked really well.
On Thursday (yesterday), late in the afternoon, the Boss was going to Malta for a fortnight, and he had to stay in touch using the XDA. We tested it, it was fine, it was great, it was grand.

But on Thursday morning, he got his XDA out of his pocket -- and saw a huge crack across the screen. It didn't work. So the insurers were called, and a new XDA was sent to him. The intention was that I would talk someone through setting it up and then the Colleague would take it out to Malta on Friday.
Boss went to Malta, without his XDA, that afternoon.

This morning (Friday) the new XDA arrived, and the Colleague phoned me up and I started to talk him through setting it up, which would normally take about 30-40 minutes. But seven minutes in -- seven minutes -- this colleague said "sorry, I'm out of time, I have to go, he'll have to set it up out there when I give it to him."
I patiently explained that certain parts of the setup had to be done on the LAN, that the unit would be severely lacking in certain functions if he took it away now, but Colleague said that was tough, Boss would have to do without.

Now be aware that Boss is easily angered and is already irate because of the disruption with the email system before my advent on Tuesday. All sorts of excrement could impact the rotary oscillator here. Covering my back, I wrote an email to Colleague, CC:ing the client Boss whose XDA this is and also the client's FD who is my usual contact -- detailing the story so far, as if in confirmation.

FD phoned me, told me that this was typical of Colleague, that he hadn't left for Malta, just left for some local meeting.
So I talked her through the setup -- which she did perfectly competently and pleasantly, much as I'd have expected of her.
So now a fully configured XDA will be going to Malta tonight, which is the desired result. And this afternoon FD might well be giving Colleague an earbashing, which will be a delight to all of us.

FD asked me how I came to be so familiar with this setting-up process, and I had to explain to her "Well, when I dropped mine in the river ..."

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