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Really good day today

I enjoyed myself today.
For the first time in about a month, I did some serious systems-type stuff on a Linux server.
I've spent too much time playing with NT and Netware recently and it's good to be back on my native platform.

A linux/samba server with three 33Gb drives in a raid-5 container at the start of the day now has three 67Gb drives in a raid-5 container.
At last, all the data resides on different partitions from system stuff. At last the /var/spool filesystem has enough space.
And when the users come in on Monday morning they'll find 16Gb of free space on H: and 50 Gb free on J:.

And the client has three 33Gb drives in stock for when we upgrade their Exchange server (bloody NT, though).

Will they notice? Will they be grateful? Will they buffalo. But I enjoyed it.

Church tomorrow morning, and I've got to talk to people instead of computers again. Heigh ho, life goes on.

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