Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Spot the gender

coalescent wrote about this site, which analyses a piece of writing and tries to work out if the author is male or female.

So what did it say about me?

Well, I dug out some of my old porn, the "Erotic Magic Club" stories written back in late 2000 and early 2001. Apparently chapters 1-5 and chapter 7 were written by a male and chapter 6 by a female -- which isn't odd, because it's in chapter 6 that I swap bodies with one of the dancers, and spend most of the story as a girl.

What about my slash? Well, I gave it loads of my stuff, and every single piece came out as female.

What about my poetry?
"Gloria's Barbecue", "Penetration 101", "Dead Show" and The TAFF poem all came out as male.
The "Screens" sonnet, "Seduction", "The lameness of my fetish life", both the "Paris" poems, the "Two admirers" sonnet, "Fandom Is One", "Tobes in the Cittie", "So Max's age is twenty-nine" and the IOW slouch report all came out as female.

And finally, what about some of my LJ posts?
I tried my various responses to the Interview meme, back in June. They all came out as female.
"Not a rant, part two", the longest LJ entry I've done, recently, also comes out as female.
I tried some of the stuff I posted when scarlatti was in hospital -- still female.

This is odd.

cleanskies thought there was a correlation with length, that the algorithm is predisposed towards marking down short pieces as female and long ones as male. I remain unconvinced -- some of those journal entries are quite long.

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