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Shameless boasting

I replaced my mobile phone handset last weekend, in order to get one which would work when I go to foreign parts. The new one has a camera in it. I worked out relatively quickly how to email teeny-tiny (160x120) photos, but today I worked out how to copy big (640x480) photos from the handset onto the laptop.

So now, I have to post a photo taken with the new mobile. It's a picture of an empty diet coke can, which I've crushed flat. Big deal, you say. But I want to boast about my supreme ability in the field of crushing cans -- I'll bet I can crush a diet coke can better than 95% of my readership. So this post is an opportunity to boast, shamelessly, about my amazing ability to crush coke cans efficiently.

See how I ensure that the sides only ever buckle within the footprint of the can.

I'll bet not many people can crush a coke can as well as me.

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