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Chat log: birthday presents

I asked someone what they wanted for their birthday (not scarlatti).

Me (20:46:55): Anything you need to make life easier, give me a shout.
Her (20:47:30): thanks
Her (20:47:30): a new attitude?
Her (20:47:45): where can i buy one of those?
Me (20:48:12): They don't cost anything, they're free. All you have to do is reach out and take one.
Me (20:49:00): Just turn around, and leave the old attitude behind you.
[an hour snipped]
Her (21:50:09): at least my sense of humour has come back
Me (21:50:27): Good!
Me (21:50:42): That's your new attitude, happy birthday.
Her (21:50:55): thank you

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