Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Saturday was a day of two halves.

I had great hopes of Saturday.

I was going to go and buy a dishwasher, pop down to Wedges to pick up a bit of ZZ9 merchandise, get home, plumb in the new dishwasher and set it going, and clean the kitchen. That would have left the rest of the day free for other stuff.

Well, I knew which dishwasher I wanted.
I went to a nearby electrical retailer, pointed at the display model and said "Have you any of these in stock?" Their computer said that they didn't here, but in this other store they had two -- one would be a display model, but the other would be for sale. So I went to the other store ... and they were both display models. Without hoses or books or stuff.
Repeat this story with small variations for several branches of each of the main electrical retailers, and you can see how my morning was shaping up.

Wedges was a success -- I picked up two birthday presents, one in purple and grey, one in purple and yellow, and paid the (fannishly significant) price.

And then I came home, tired and cross and worn out, via another couple of branches of electrical retailer, all of which shared the uselessness exhibited by those I'd visited earlier.

So that was sort of 3pm-ish.

And so now I had to do the washing up, loads of it, and then clean the kitchen.

There was chat interspersed, naturally. And the lure of more chat won out over an hour-plus-each-way trip into London for the pub. And the chat was good chat, unlike some recently. And I made bolognaise, which was great, with garlic and basil and stuff, which was rather good. And there was more chat, which was still good. And there was chocolate ice cream.

And there was washing up, which I've left. I wish I'd found that dishwasher.

A mixed day.

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