Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

flick's picnic

With apologies to Paul Simon.

Now the sun is at its height.
Picture, if you will, my sorry plight:
There's a picnic here, I'm sure,
But navigation's fairly insecure,
And the sun is at its height.

The sun is shining in the sky,
Geeks and goths go drifting slowly by,
Hear the band those hits destroy,
We're stood here dressed in black and playing poi,
And the sun is in the sky.

The sun is sinking in the west,
Flick is out of drink and ain't impressed,
So we ask which pub to pick,
But it's too difficult for trollied!Flick,
And the sun is in the west.

Now the sun has disappeared,
And a number thirteen bus appeared,
So we'll find the Ben Crouch Inn,
Where we can top up Flick's supply of gin,
And the sun has disappeared ...

Edit: in fact we came to the Marlborough Head.

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