Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Early night?

So the people in the pub were myself, redbrown, the_maenad, flick, drplokta -- and loads of accountants, because it's "results day" and they'd booked blocks of tables with buffets and stuff. As a result the kitchen was shut, we had just one member of the bar staff available in the ground-level bar, and they ran out off wrath and lust and orange juice. Also, flick was going on to the Lab, the_maenad was heading off to Nottingham and drplokta was behaving in anticipation of a very early start at Gatwick. So as a result, pub night has already finished and I'm on the train heading home and wondering if there's anything to eat.

An early night? Hardly, because I haven't packed yet. But I do have passport, tickets and money. That's fairly organised eighteen hours ahead of departure, for me.

Tomorrow morning, I'm taking the car into the workshop and leaving it there for the duration, and then heading for LHR for leaving-party-mark-two. I'll be somewhere in Terminal Four from half-ten-or-eleven-ish.

And the userpic -- well, it's "South Park" because I'm on holiday, rather than "Project S" -- I hope that doesn't confuse anyone.
Thank you for all your good wishes, wherever and however you've expressed them.

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