Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Good advice, despite the complications

Thank you for all the advice recently. Thanks even to the ones who just sent hugs, or who said "what Max said".

There are complications, inevitably. Chief amongst these is the whole mobility question. With lots of people, we could just run out and go to a coffee shop, or a movie, or a restaurant. But scarlatti doesn't have the ease with walking that I do. The nearest tube station here (at the southern end of the circle yellow line) is about a mile away. That's eighteen minutes walk from the station to here, twenty minutes from here to the station because it's uphill. That's fine, it's just a stroll, even in the early September noontide heat of northern Virginia. But for scarlatti? She might as well attempt to walk to Maine. So in order to get out of range of Greg, she has to ... ummm ... ask Greg for a lift.

I think you see the problem here. It's just not something that we can do spontaneously, it's something that we have to plan, to organise. And neither of us are in much of a state to organise things at the moment. So there we are.

Thanks for the advice, we'll be following some adapted version of it, I'm sure.

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