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I am the Firewall God !

My firewall blew up.
Picture the scene. My stepson and I are laughing at Jade and Adele's argument on the telly. He's sat in front of his computer, my laptop is on my lap.
Almost simultaneously, both he and I notice that the Internet connection is down.
A couple of quick tests (I can ping his PC, I can ping the server, I cannot ping the firewall) and then I head upstairs.
No power on the firewall and the scent of melted plastic in the PSU.
I go downstairs again and pick up one of the spare PCs, head back upstairs to the machine room.
Lid off the firewall, both network cards and the HDD out and into the spare Compaq. Keyboard connector is the wrong size (AT keyboard, PS/2 motherboard). Borrow the keyboard and screen from the NT server adjacent. New firewall cabled up and booting. Into the bios to disable the motherboard's Ethernet (NetFlex3) and reboot.
The firewall comes up first time. Keyboard and screen back to the server. Back downstairs to announce my success to the stepson.
Total elapsed time about 22 minutes. By day he's a mild mannered fat guy with a beard, but by night he becomes super-firewall-man!

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