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A good day.

It was a good day today. We did very little -- we sat around in front of the telly or in front of the PC or next to each other at the dining table, and just ... sat around together. It was very good.

And Max -- we didn't talk about it, we were having a day off. Or at least, we talked about it, but not too much. It was a good day.

Greg stuck his head round the door at one point, and wibbled at us -- it seems that stuff that he'd adjusted to in conversation is harder to adjust to when you read about it on LJ, as he'd just done. I think that he and she are overdue for a long talk, and I've had her to myself pretty much all day today, so tomorrow it's me giving them a bit of space, while I go and do the tourist bit up in DC. I hope that they make as much progress as I did overnight last night.

Did I say it was a good day today? Well, it was. I hope it'll be another good day on Thursday.

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