Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

This evening ...

This evening, once again, I crossed the river from Arlington County into DC, and wandered towards the city to see what there was to see. Along M street (they have no imagination) about as far as 29th or so (see what I mean?) and then up Pennsylvania Avenue (better) as far as Washington Circle (well ...) and Foggy Bottom (excellent!). Returning along the same route but the opposite side of the road, I finally stumbled into Barnes and Noble, and the cafe on their first floor for cheesecake and coffee, where I'm typing this.
I like cafes inside bookshops -- it started happening in England a few years ago, and it should be encouraged. I'd like to think that bookshops -- any shops -- that make the customer feel good tend to do better than the ones who just shift the goods and grab the money. I wonder how true that is.
Oh, one more bit of news -- I didn't get rained on tonight, an improvement on my last trip down this street.
More news about relationship matters tomorrow night.

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