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Profound things you say when you're not thinking, number 326

There were a number of these today. There was the whole reciting of the Story Of The Tool again. There was the thing about having walked away from one future, being cheated out of a second, and hoping to make a success of this third one. But most recently was the line I quoted from a song, before I rememebered what the title of the song was.
Dreams can come true, if you believe they do.

The full lyric is here:

Spring’s in the air, there’s magic every where
When you’re young and in love
Life seems to be a world of fantasy
When you’re young and in love
The moon at night seems to shine twice as bright
When you’re young and in love
Each night seems just like the Fourth of July
When stars spangle the sky
When you’re young and in love
Dreams can come true if you believe they do
When you’re young and in love
Trust and you’ll find there’s no mountain you can’t climb
When you’re young and in love
Though many tear drops are bound to fall
True love can conquer all
When you’re young and in love

Young and In Love, McCoy

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