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You can have too much fun.

Another day away from the house for scarlatti and me. Admittedly it's only at the hotel, but as various wise people pointed out, it made all the difference. We're not going "out" as such, because I wasn't able to hire a vehicle (for those who took the poll, it was the only item of the four I failed to secure) but we're making very good use of our time "in".

Where shall I start? Well, I gave her a full-body massage. I'm a bit of a skin fan, I love the way skin feels and smells, and it gave me a chance to indulge myself and her at one and the same time. She seemed to like it very much. Immediately afterwards, I indulged in one of my other addictions and she seemed to like that too. We rolled over and she got to do a bit of what she enjoyed -- if she ever gets round to posting I'm sure you'll read about that too -- I found it very nice.

And then, we did some more of what we tried the other day. A rather better mark than the 80% she scored back then -- we're doing very well on that front -- but unfortunately I was enjoying it so much that something unfortunate happened, and as a result I tripped one of her squicks. She's been very patient with the weirdnesses inside my head, and it suddenly became my turn to nurse her through one of her own. We're learning, getting better all the time. But this one's quite a difficulty for her, and we wish it wasn't. More accurately, I wish it wasn't a difficulty, she wishes it hadn't cropped up. I don't think it'll crop up very often, it hasn't in the past.

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